Raleigh Commercial Window Cleaning

Enjoy the Benefits of Commercial Glass Cleaning Services

Having clean windows and glass is essential to the aesthetics and appeal of any business. Windows provide a primary source of light, and a simple scrubbing with Windex once a week will not produce the best results. At First Class Clean, we know how to clean your windows so that they seem to disappear so the radiance of the outdoors can be experienced inside of your business.

Why should you have your glass cleaned?

  • Get rid of mildew, dirt, mold, and grime from your windows.
  • Make the rooms of your business appear larger with more light.
  • Increase the aesthetic value of your business.
  • Help your windows last longer.
  • Impress guests and customers.

Do’s and Don’ts of our services:

  • We DO offer low-rise cleaning. We DON’T offer high-rise (or buildings taller than 3 stories) cleaning.
  • We DO offer maintenance programs. We DON’T clean store fronts with less than 30 panes of glass.
  • We DO offer traditional cleaning services. We DON’T offer glass restoration services.

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We use small pump sprayers to apply our cleaning solution directly to the glass instead of using mops and buckets that can easily be kicked over and spilled. Once finished with the windows, we also clean each and every window sill so you have no reminders of your window’s dirty past when you come back to let the breeze in!


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