6 Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing in Raleigh

A commercial building can be tough to keep clean and the task may seem never-ending due to harsh exposure to the elements, including birds, pollution, grime, gum, dirt, and traffic. Pressure washing is an effective way to remove these pollutants and toxins before they can stain your surfaces and potentially damage your property. Laymen or property owners that attempt to clean their own exterior surfaces may find that some areas are simply unreachable from the ground, and potentially dangerous to access.

The wide-spread recommendation is to hire a professional pressure washer in the area to take advantage of the many compelling reasons to keep your building clean. The insiders and power washing experts in Raleigh, First Class Clean, offer these six benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing:

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1. Boosts Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters; one reason that many consumers reach out for pressure washing services is to improve the curb appeal in a swift and gratifying way. Regular pressure washing can boost a commercial site’s curb appeal, while also protecting it from the damaging rigors of the southeastern climate; maintaining it with pressure washing can preserve the looks and increase the value of a property over time.

2. Makes Your Business More Inviting

A well maintained and tidy entrance and establishment is more inviting to passers-by and potential customers. Many business owners have found that an appealing storefront or attractive building can be a prudent and effective marketing tool, luring both new and loyal patrons.

3. Saves Time and Costs

It can take time to effectively and thoroughly clean the façade and exterior surfaces of a building- particularly one that has been neglected or ignored previously. Many savvy business owners find that having their building pressure washed regularly prevents any time-consuming stains or removals, like gum and grime, which makes the job quicker and less costly.

4. Cleaner and Healthier Environment

Promoting a healthy and bacteria-free environment for staff and patrons is the responsible thing for any and all business owners and employers to do. A cleaner workplace results in fewer accidents, incidents, complaints, and injuries; this is a win-win situation for all involved. The most effective way to disinfect and clean these stubborn surfaces is with heated, high-pressure water and professional-grade cleaning solvents- another pragmatic reason to hire a professional for the task. This attentive to employee wellness may be an important element for those considering jobs here, and may bring in quality hires and talent to the company.

5. Save on Recurring Maintenance Costs

The best way to get a thorough look at the façade of a building or storefront is to clean it; inch by inch, foot by foot, issues, areas of concerns, or potential repairs usually rear their head during these examinations and assessments. Regularly pressure washing a commercial property does not allow pollutants and contaminants from settling on the building’s exterior which curbs additional costs for paint, paving, staining, and other upkeep services and chores.

6. Fewer Repairs

Grime accumulates on a commercial building and becomes a breeding ground for toxic mold and mildew growth. Over the course of time, these bacteria cause deterioration and damage to the surfaces, compromising the structural integrity of the entire building. The most practical and viable path to prevention with regular pressure washing to clear away dirt and debris, while also providing a keen look at the building itself, which may help to identify problems or potential repairs early-on.  

Maintaining a commercial building requires keeping it clean; the appearance and tidiness of an establishment impact the overall flow of business, customers, and money that walk through the door. Pressure washing is not limited to warm-weather maintenance; the mild climate in the Carolinas makes this a pragmatic chore year-round. Experts recommend that prospective clients set up a schedule with a reputable pressure washer in the region that will visit the location routinely, one season to the next.

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