9 Things That You Should Never Pressure Wash 

Pressure washing is a great way to boost the curb appeal of your home or commercial property but, remember not every surface is safe for pressure washing. Make sure that you know the limitations of pressure washing or hire a pro to ensure your safety and prevent damage.

Nine things you should never pressure wash are:

1. Asphalt Shingles 

You should not pressure wash asphalt shingles on your roof if you want them to last. The pressure can remove the grit and granules that protect your roof and also can knock whole shingles off your roof. Avoid this area when pressure washing.

2. Stained Wood

Don’t pressure wash any stained wood surfaces that are around the exterior of your home. The stain, such as on outdoor furniture or decking, can be pulled from the wood with the heat and pressure of power washing.

3. Lead Paint

Lead paint should not be pressured washed as it can damage, crack, and strip the paint- which can send dust and debris in the air. Lead paint debris and dust is toxic and long-term exposure results in illness.

4. Old Mortar

Weathered brick walls and other surfaces with mortar can be damaged by pressure washing so these should be avoided, as well. Pressure washing can strip away the material and cause it to become loose. This compromises the integrity of the mortared surface, potentially causing property damage over time.

5. Vehicle

Do not pressure wash your vehicle, either. Pressure washing a car or truck can cause small dents and chip the paint, which then leads to rust. Stick to the car wash and the garden hose; do not risk damage by pressure washing your vehicle!

6. Windows

Using high pressure on windows can break, crack, or shatter the glass; do not use pressure washing equipment on your home’s windows. This is also potentially dangerous and could cause you or someone nearby to become cut, injured, or worse. Avoid windows when pressure washing or, better yet, hire a professional to do it for you.

7. Gutters

You should not use high pressure to wash or clear your gutters as it can damage your fascia and even break your segments free of the house. The high pressure can cause sags which may leak, making your entire gutter system basically ineffective.

8. AC Units

Pressure washing your AC units can damage, bend, and destroy the fins, which compromises air flow. Also, the water when washing may get in the unit itself and wreak havoc on the electrical circuit. Avoid the air conditioners when pressure washing!

9. Living Things

You should never pressure wash any living thing, including people, pets, and plants. The pressure can lacerate skin and the heat can burn; pressure washing can kill plants quickly. Be careful and use pressure washing equipment only as recommended by the manufacturer to stay safe, or hire a professional to ensure nobody gets hurt.

Furthermore, be cognizant of where utility lines, cable cords, and other wires are around the home’s exterior and avoid these when pressure washing. You could inadvertently knock-out power or cable service when washing your house. If your actions impact the services or utilities of others, you could face hefty fines and repercussions.

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