How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home?

Doing professional house washing can uplift your home in so many ways. A pressure wash can remove grime and prevent organism growth, and in so doing, it can make your home look brighter and newer. This, in turn, gives a home more curb appeal, which not only impacts you – it also helps to uplift your neighborhood.
Read on to learn more about the benefits of pressure washing your home and why it is important.

Advantages of Frequent Pressure Washing

While it’s a good idea to schedule regular pressure washing, you cannot do it too often. It can damage siding and strip paint from the walls if done too regularly. The professional house washing team at First Class Clean recommends a cleaning every 6-12 months.
Here are the benefits you’ll get from routine pressure washing.

1. Gets Rid of Potentially Damaging Elements

The growth of organisms like algae, mold, lichen, and others can seriously damage your home over time. Doing regular pressure washing will make sure these organisms are removed.
The layering of dirt and grime can also damage your home’s materials. It’s best to keep them off surfaces like walls and roofs.

2. Lengthens the Lifespan of Your Paint Job

Dirt and organism growth can destroy your paint job and hasten the need to repaint your home. Doing a whole house paint is extremely expensive. It is better to engage house washing services to save money and still have a beautiful paint job on your house. The methods are highly effective and much more affordable than painting.

3. Extends Lifespan of Your Roof

Professional pressure washing on your roof can extend its lifespan. Removing dirt and growth that can damage the roof will help preserve its condition for significantly longer.

4. Increases the Value of Your Home

A home that looks clean and new will also have more curb appeal and value. So, regular house washing can increase your asking price if you plan to sell your home.

When to Wash Your Home

It’s best to do house washing at calculated moments to get the most out of it. You should schedule pressure washing at the following junctures:
  • After poor weather
  • Before painting your home
  • Before selling your house

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