Pollen Gotcha Down? Let Us Help!

Most people appreciate spring, yet pollen can be a real problem during the season. Allergic reactions can bring loads of discomfort to visitors and residents on your property, quickly despoil the joy of spring. You might find pollen on your fences, driveways, house siding, and patios. They seem to float almost everywhere! 

But don’t panic. With First Class Clean’s residential pressure washing services, you can have peace of mind by banishing nasty pollen reactions as a thing of the past. 

Spotless Fences and Patios

Considering their proximity to the outdoors, you’ll likely find a high pollen concentration on your fence and patio installations. 

First Class offers regular fence washing and patio cleaning managed by certified and insured experts. We remove stubborn stains and keep pollens at bay so you can go out to play. 

Clean Windows

It’s common to open your windows to breathe in the fresh spring air – pollens need not apply. Professional pressure wash techniques offer a deep clean that purges pollen without exception.

Welcoming Poolside

Spring is a great time to hang out by the pool deck, but having sniffles-inducing pollen can quickly turn a pleasant experience around. Our technicians will keep your poolside pristine, eliminating pollens, mildew, algae, and any contaminant that causes slips, falls, or ruined gatherings.

Request a free estimate from First Class Clean to boycott pollen and other unwanted pollutants for spring and beyond!

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