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Your pool deck is constantly exposed to moisture, foot traffic, and debris, which can cause deterioration over time. People getting in and out of your pool may find that the pool deck becomes slick and slippery, as algae and mildew grow on the surface. This can become a fall hazard in addition to a health and safety issue, if left untended. First Class Clean are experts in pool deck cleaning and keeping them free from mold, mildew, and algae. Call now to ensure your pool deck- and pool- look clean and inviting for your next family gathering, pool party, or BBQ.

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    Why You Need Your Pool Deck Cleaned in Raleigh

    If you have a swimming pool in the Carolinas, you need it professionally cleaned routinely. The hot, humid climate can wreak havoc on the inherently moist environment that is your pool deck. Some compelling reasons why it is important for Raleigh homeowners to clean their pool deck are:

    Stops the Spread of Bacteria and Disease

    The excess pool water that can puddle on the deck carries bacteria. If you allow it to sit and become stagnant, tit promotes the growth of more bacteria which can lead to disease. Pressure washing your pool deck regularly prevents this situation from occurring. Think about all the people, pets, and feet that consistently cross and traverse your pool deck: do you want the bacteria on the deck’s surface to be tracked and carried into your home? Maintain a clean and healthy deck with hot pool deck pressure washing services in Raleigh.

    Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

    If you don’t routinely clean your pool deck, algae and other debris can begin to grow and make a slippery environment and surface on your deck. This can make it more prone for accidents, slips, falls, and even injuries. Avoid these situations- and even potential liability- by keeping a clean pool deck with pressure washing services in Raleigh from First Class Clean.

    Boost Curb Appeal

    An ill-kempt pool can be an eyesore that impacts your home’s curb appeal in a negative way, and if your pool is in a visible area, it can be embarrassing. When the weather turns warm, start planning your pool parties with a visit from First Class Clean for professional pool deck restoration/cleaning and any other surfaces around your property.

    Prevent Deck Erosion

    Cleaning your pool deck with the combination of heated, high-pressure water helps to prevent bacteria and other elements that can erode the surface of your decking. Regular cleaning can even extend its lifespan- which means less costs to repair or replace in the future. Make pool deck cleaning a regular part of your year-round maintenance; this ensures that your decking doesn’t deteriorate during the off-season.

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    First Class Clean can make your pool the talk of the neighborhood and a pleasure for you and your loved ones to spend time in. Call now for your free estimate for pool deck cleaning and any other pressure washing needs that you may have as we are pressure washing Raleigh experts!

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