First Class Clean, the go-to team of pressure washing experts in Raleigh, NC, is announcing that the company has recently reached a significant milestone. This summer, First Class Clean celebrated ten years of providing high-quality pressure washing and home cleaning services to the Raleigh area. The team hopes to continue serving the community for many years to come.

In addition to celebrating a ten year anniversary this summer, First Class Clean is also informing Raleigh homeowners about the benefits of having their homes professionally power washed during the summer months. The company has already published two highly informative articles that equip homeowners with the resources needed to understand the advantages of having experts power wash a home.

Pressure washing a home may seem like an added expense or luxury if people are not aware of the benefits. Pressure washing specialists identify seven areas in which pressure washing is profitable to the home and the homeowner. 

  1. Increases Property Value

Pressure washing increases a home’s property value by preventing damage that can occur with the combination of pollutants in the air and the natural abrasive action of wind, dust, and dirt.

  1. Restores Curb Appeal

A clean, power washed home enhances the visual appeal of homes and properties. Pressure washing also supplements additional aesthetic work done to a home, such as landscaping.

  1. Saves Time

Having a professional power washing company wash a home eliminates the time wasted with a “do-it-yourself” approach. First Class Clean can do the job twice as fast as the average homeowner because of their superior knowledge, equipment, and efficiency.

  1. Saves Money on Preventative Maintenance

By maintaining the clean exterior surfaces of their residence, homeowners save money in surface repairs, unnecessary repainting, and damage from insects or those annoying bird droppings.

  1. Prepares a Home for Renovation

Pressure washing prepares surfaces to receive the new paint or surface treatment by removing gunk and grime, leaving a smooth and clean surface.

  1. Promotes Safety

Power washing equipment produces high-pressure water streams, which can cause injury if not handled properly. Additionally, cleaning chemicals need to be used with proper protection. Getting professional help avoids these risks, as well as the possibility of falling off ladders.

     7. Protects the Health of Families

Millions of people in the United States are impacted by allergies each year. Many of the causes of allergies are dust, mold spores, mildew, and pollen that cling to houses. These pollutants can be washed away with power washing. The cleaning chemicals safeguard against harmful bacteria growth and kill algae and fungi.

At First Class Clean, the team looks forward to utilizing their ten years of industry experience to help Raleigh homeowners enjoy a clean home this summer. The technicians employ tried-and-tested techniques and commercial-grade equipment to clean the residence or commercial building. They focus on keeping water out of the property interior, and they also prepare the house or building properly to prevent electronics-related damage. First Class Clean is also licensed and insured.

First Class Clean, the highest-rated pressure washing company in Raleigh, NC, has been providing Raleigh and surrounding areas with superior home cleaning services since 2009. Boasting over 170 five-star reviews, the company offers the most advanced pressure washing technology. The team of industry professionals serves homes, businesses, buildings, and commercial sites. Their services include pressure washing homes, buildings, decks, patios, walkways, sheds, awnings, and more. First Class Clean also offers professional window cleaning and concrete cleaning.


For more information, visit the First Class Clean website at Staff can be contacted by email at

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