Homeowners undertake a DIY pressure washing project for a variety of reasons. Some people have an urge to clean, while others want to avoid the expense of hiring a professional. However, pressure washing is not as easy as it may look. One mistake could cause extensive damage to a home’s exterior. In a recent blog article, the experts at First Class Clean have compiled a list of the five most common pressure washing mistakes that they have seen homeowners make.

The first mistake is using too much pressure, which can cause damage to siding, eaves, roofs, windows, and even landscape elements, such as shrubs, flowers, decorative trees, or gardens. While some surfaces need high pressure, others need low. It is vital to know the appropriate pressure to use in order to avoid damage.

The next common mistake is not using cleaning agents. Using water alone can double the time it takes to wash a surface clean. To compensate, a homeowner may increase pressure and fall into the first mistake of using too much pressure. Lack of chemical cleaners can also cause dirt and grime to grow back more quickly.

A third mistake is cleaning out of logical order. For instance, if the homeowner cleans the driveway first and then the house, he or she may have to clean the driveway again to rid it of residue from the house. First Class Clean recommends cleaning according to the following order:

1. Roof

2. House

3. Flat Surfaces

4. Windows

Mistake number four is lack of knowledge and equipment; this mistake is actually the cause of the first three mistakes. Without the right cleaning tools and a good grasp on proper cleaning practices, homeowners will end up with a subpar result and possible property damage. A large-scale pressure washing job requires an experienced, qualified professional.

The fifth and final mistake is hiring the wrong company. First Class Clean recommends hiring a positively reviewed, highly qualified professional business. Before hiring someone for a pressure washing job, ask some key questions. Does the company have a proper business license? Do they carry insurance? What is their cleaning process? Can they provide references from satisfied customers? The cheapest deal can cost the most in the long run if the homeowner is stuck paying for damage that the company claims it is not liable for.

First Class Clean prides itself on providing ethical, reliable exterior cleaning services. Fully licensed and insured, First Class Clean offers years of experience, commercial-grade equipment, and honed technique to deliver a superior cleaning job to homeowners.

First Class Clean is a Raleigh, NC pressure washing company with hundreds of satisfied customers and numerous reviews across many trusted platforms. In business for over ten years, the company offers a wide range of residential and commercial pressure washing services, including house washing, deck and patio cleaning, driveway cleaning, pool deck cleaning, fence washing, window cleaning, and concrete cleaning.


For a free estimate, visit the First Class Clean website at https://firstclassnc.com. To learn more about residential pressure washing in Raleigh, contact the staff by email at Jason@firstclassnc.com.

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