7 Ways to Winterize the Home 

Tips to stay warm and save money for homeowners

Winter can hit without warning and suddenly, it is too late for those winterization tasks you planned last summer. Prepare for winter with these seven tricks and tips for winterizing your home from Raleigh’s pressure washing professionals at First Class Clean. Winterizing a home is about more than just saving money on energy costs during cool weather; it is also about keeping loved ones warm in winter.

Seven ways to winterize the home are: 

1. Check and Clean the Gutters

First, check and clean your gutters routinely to remove heavy debris, like leaves, and to prevent ice dams and icicles from forming during colder weather. When water freezes in the gutter segments, they become heavy, possibly sag, and can leak; over time, this can cause staining, water damage, and deterioration to the home or property.  

2. Have the Heating Checked

Heaters, boilers, and chimneys should be checked at least annually to ensure they are clear of any build-up that can impede or keep them from running smoothly during winter. This is something that an HVAC professional can do any time of year but plan-ahead to prevent problems during cold weather.  

3. Seal any Cracks

Caulk any hole, gaps, or openings to prevent cold air from coming in and causing a loss of heat. Beef-up insulation around sockets, vents, and openings that could be allowing heat to sneak-out. Ventilation is important to consider the energy benefits of installing ceiling fans in larger spaces.

4. Protect the Pipes

Winterization should also include insulating pipes and doing what is necessary to prevent pipes from freezing. When pipes freeze, the water inside them expands causing them to burst; the result is a big mess, potential water damage, and costly repairs. Wrap pipes before winter and keep a stream of water running in a faucet during extreme temperatures to guard against freezing.

5. Insulate the Windows

Energy has a way of escaping through windows- regardless of how slight the cracks or gaps may be. Applying window insulation film can keep up to 70% of heat from leaking out, which subsequently lowers heating costs and saves money.

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6. Clear Yard and Trim Trees

When a branch is left untrimmed, it could break free during winter weather or storm winds and cause potential damage, and even injury. Clearing the yard and keeping dead branches removed from trees is a safety issue. If limbs become airborne, they have the potential to wreak havoc far and wide.

7. Keep Driveway and Sidewalks Clear

Sidewalks and driveways that are icy or unkempt could be a serious fall risk- and potential liability for accidents and injuries. Stay safe and keep clientele secure with well-maintained, cleared, and winterized paths, drives, sidewalks- and any place where the public has access to traverse.

Getting ready for winter? Use these seven ways to winterize the home and prepare for winter’s worst. 

Worried about what winter has in store? Utilizing these tips from First Class Clean will more than prepare for the winter ahead. Getting ready for winter is something that should happen year-round, with vigilant attention and maintenance to identify any problems or potential issues early, before the winter winds blow.


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