First Class Clean Outlines the Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing

Industry professionals continue to warn homeowners and laymen about the dangers of pressure washing their homes themselves, and why it makes good sense to hire a pro. Working with professionals, such as First Class Clean in Raleigh, ensures the job is done efficiently and effectively without risk of danger or accident. Around 6,000 people went to the emergency room for injuries sustained while pressure washing in 2014; experts want to avoid adding to this statistic in the years to come.

 Pressure Washing in Raleigh NC

Industry insiders agree- consumers risk some distinct dangers with DIY pressure washing:


Injuries are prevalent when attempting to pressure wash without experience or expertise. The high pressure can cause serious lacerations requiring medical intervention while burns are another common reason for emergency room visits. Also, flying debris can cause eye injuries and compromise vision. Professional pressure washers carry insurance that covers their service providers during these jobs, so there is no liability on the part of the homeowner.

Surface Degradation

Inexperience with a pressure washer may result in damage to surfaces, like siding, fencing, or paint, by using the wrong pressure or heat setting during use. Some of this damage may be irreversible, as well as costly to resolve.

Mold and Mildew

Without the right kind and amount of cleaning solvents, pressure washing merely distributes mold spores and contaminants throughout the air. These bacteria can seep into the home air, causing respiratory illness with prolonged exposure.

Water Damage

DIYers risk water damage around the roof or eaves when they use pressure washers. Water may seep in and exacerbate any damage, cracks, or gaps. Over time, this can compromise roofing materials and the integrity of the entire structure.

Utility Issues

Before homeowners apply pressurized water to their exteriors, they need to be aware of where the utility lines or boxes are located. Steer clear of these fixtures when washing as it could cause problems with electric service, cable connection, and meter box, knocking out service indefinitely. Furthermore, it is a possible shock hazard.

Fall Risk

When homeowners attempt to pressure wash their homes and roofs, there is a significant risk of a fall. In addition to accidents with ladders, there is always the potential to slip and fall when trying to access high areas and sections of the home. Since most homeowners don’t own safety equipment and staging, it makes sense to hire a professional for the job.

Homeowners looking to enhance and restore their property’s curb appeal should consider the perks of pressure washing but keep the dangers of DIY in mind. With professional pressure washing companies in the region, there is no reason to risk these hazards.

About: First Class Clean is a professional pressure washing company based in Raleigh, NC, that offers free estimates to prospective customers in the region. For the past decade, the team at First Class Clean has provided both residential and commercial cleaning services to Tri-City clients and can be reached at (919) 210-6899.

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