When property owners think about exterior cleaning, the first method that comes to mind is probably pressure washing. However, people may not realize that pressure washing is not the only cleaning method available. Professional exterior cleaners, like the team at First Class Clean, understand different cleaning methods and on which surface each technique should be used. They ensure that a homeowner does not waste time or money on cleaning services that are unsuitable for their home or that could damage their property.

In a recent blog article, First Class Clean compared pressure washing with soft washing, an exterior cleaning method with gentle cleaning applications. With this information, homeowners can make an informed choice regarding the best way to clean their homes.

Pressure Washing

As the name suggests, pressure washing is a high-pressure cleaning method that uses highly pressurized water to remove surface stains from a home’s exterior. Although effective at removing stains, pressure washing can damage surfaces such as wood, shingles, windows, and paint. Pressure washing should only be employed by trained professionals. Non-trained individuals could injure themselves or others as well as cause costly damage to a home. If carried out by a qualified exterior cleaner, pressure washing is excellent for removing stubborn stains or cleaning buildings that have not received regular cleaning in the past.

The best uses for pressure washing include:

  • concrete such as pavers, sidewalks, and driveways
  • paved patios
  • pool decks
  • brick and stonework
  • durable surfaces
  • graffiti removal

Soft Washing

Soft washing cleans using low-pressure water combined with detergents to slowly break down dirt and grime. This method is a gentler alternative to pressure washing, especially for residential properties. Since soft washing utilizes cleaning solutions to dissolve dirt and grime, it can be a desirable long-term cleaning solution. Generally, the process employs biodegradable cleaners that are safe for plants and the environment. However, some chemicals can be toxic or damaging to certain materials, so homeowners should seek out an experienced soft washing professional who knows the proper cleaners to use for the job.

The best uses for soft washing include:

  • roofs
  • vinyl siding
  • wood
  • windows
  • cedar
  • stucco
  • screens and enclosures
  • other surfaces sensitive to water pressure

Understanding the difference between pressure washing and soft washing allows homeowners to intelligently select the company they trust to clean their home. Property owners searching for soft washing or pressure washing in Raleigh, NC can turn to the expert technicians at First Class Clean. These professionals utilize both washing techniques to the fullest to provide residential and commercial clients with the right exterior cleaning solution.

For over ten years, First Class Clean has delivered superior exterior cleaning services to the greater Raleigh area. The company provides the most advanced pressure washing and soft washing technology to residential and commercial clients. Fully licensed and insured, First Class Clean offers a wide range of services, including house washing, deck and patio cleaning, driveway and walkway cleaning, building cleaning, pool deck cleaning, shed cleaning, fence washing, awning cleaning, window cleaning, and concrete cleaning.


To learn more about soft washing in Raleigh, NC, visit the First Class Clean website at https://firstclassnc.com. The team can be contacted by email at jason@firstclassnc.com.

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