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Finding the Best Pressure Washing Business for Your Cleaning Needs

Pressure washing is a process of removing dirt, mold and algae from surfaces using an industrial-grade high-pressure water spray. It is most used on concrete, brick pavers, asphalt that has been sealed with coal tar or asphalt emulsion sealer. In this article, we’ll go over the basics and how to find the right pressure washing business for you!

Pressure washing can be done by hand, but it’s often quicker to use a machine driven by gasoline or diesel fuel. The pressure washers are hooked up to the gas engine via a hose and thus they are towed behind the power unit while in operation. A variety of nozzles are available for different applications – low pressure for delicate cleaning jobs, medium pressure for regular maintenance work and high pressure for stubborn stains like graffiti or oil spills which have penetrated porous surfaces such as concrete.

Power washer spray is between 1000 and 2800 psi (pound per square inch). Compare this to the low pressure of a standard garden hose at 40-45 psi and you can see why it’s such a powerful cleaning agent.

For things like sidewalks, garage floors, patios or driveways, hand-driven units are most used – they’re cost effective and portable enough for the average household owner to use with little hassle. But if your business needs something faster and higher powered than a handheld unit can provide, pressure washing solutions powered by an internal combustion engine is the way to go!

Pressure Washing Pavement
Pressure Washing Pavement

What to look for in a Company

When looking for a pressure washing company, it’s important to find one that has experience with large machinery as well as a variety of services. More on that later. As you research the options available to you, don’t forget to ask about possible incentives, pricing, and guarantee! Now let’s look at some important factors to consider when looking for the perfect pressure washing company:

Experience – Look for one with an abundance of experience in providing power washing solutions.

Services offered – make sure they offer the type of service you need (pressure cleaning is not always necessary).

Pricing – can vary depending on location and services provided; be sure to find out what your quotes include (for example: manhours or travel time could cost extra).

Guarantee – Always ask about guarantees. It shows confidence in their work; it means they stand behind their product.

ReviewsCheck out what others have to say about the company you’re considering.

Pressure Washing Business Raleigh NC
Pressure Washing Business Raleigh NC

A few extra things to keep in mind:

Don’t expect your power washer company to provide a multi-year guarantee. Having an actual document that proves they have been keeping up on repairs will do just fine. You should always ask about the length of guarantees. The price for services doesn’t go down because you used them once, so don’t sign a contract unless you’re ready to commit. Incentives are good but only if they’re included in the initial quote without any pressure from sales personnel! Once you have found a reputable contractor, it’s time to get going! Don’t forget about the tips we’ve provided and take a look at our blog page to find out additional information regarding power washing safety.

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