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Pressure Wash Your Driveway with
Our Services!

At First Class Clean, we use proven methods and equipment to give our clients great results. If your driveway is marred by dirt, it can become slippery when wet and unsafe. A splotched and muddy driveway can also be an eyesore and lower the curb appeal of your home.

Transform the look of your home

For driveway cleaning we use an industrial grade pressure washer and a professional surface cleaning attachment. The surface cleaner spins multiple nozzles of water around at high revolutions, creating a very uniform cleaning action that does not leave ‘zebra stripes’ like cleaning a driveway with the wand alone usually does. After removing the dirt with water, we rinse the driveway off, and any remaining organic stains can then be spot treated with a brightener. After the process is complete, your clean driveway provides both an aesthetic and functional benefit that you can enjoy well into the future!

Improve The Curbside Appeal Of Your Home

Driveways can be made of different materials. First Class Clean provides pressure washing services in Raleigh and has the experience to thoroughly clean a variety of ground coverings. Our power washing and cleaning techniques leave most surfaces looking brand new.

Types of driveway materials we can clean:

  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Brick

These materials are porous, and dirt easily becomes trapped in them over time. The dirty areas also tend to become darker when wet and can become slippery, posing a threat to your safety. It is important to keep your driveways clean so they both look nice and promote safety, and our pressure washing techniques can get the job done.

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