Soft Wash House Cleaning Tips

Soft Wash House Cleaning Tips

Soft wash house cleaning is a great way to clean your home without using harsh chemicals or damaging surfaces. A gentle detergent and water mixture is applied with a low-pressure sprayer, loosening dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces of the home. A few easy steps will have you on your way to cleaner surfaces in no time!

Soft Wash House Cleaning Tips for Better Results

While soft washing a house is non-invasive, it’s very important that certain steps are followed when carrying out this technique in order to get the best results. Make sure to follow these tips before starting the process on any surface at home: 

– Be sure that windows are closed and locked.

– Flip any switch on and off once before starting to soften the wash house cleaning process on a surface.

– Turn any wall tap on and off before doing the same. 

These steps help ensure that no damage is done as a result of the soft wash house cleaning technique, as well as protecting you from harm if water gets into electrical sockets or switches, which could cause an electric shock hazard.

For more tips on how to soft wash with a pressure washers, check out this video:

In addition to being a viable and effective method of keeping your house clean and tidy, soft wash house cleaning is also healthier and more eco-friendly than traditional chemical-based washing. It’s also gentler on the planet. Natural enzymes in your detergent will target dirt while staying gentle enough to protect your plants and grass around your home too!

The soft wash system has everything you need to get started: Your choice of high quality powdered or liquid detergents (and dilution ratios), buckets, hose extension cords, pressure washer hose, nozzles, spray tips, surface cleaners (extension wands), mops & cloths, squeegees and more. For professional cleaners these tools can be adapted for commercial use.

Before and After Soft Washing
Before and After Soft Washing

Types of Surfaces Soft Washing Can be Used

The unique formula of soft washing  is applied with special low-pressure sprayers and hose extensions. These tools clean your home gently, even behind cabinets and along the wall edges and baseboards. A wide variety of tips and cleaners help to cover different surfaces and can be used on just about anything including: 

Roofs – Singles, tiles, metal, etc. 

Siding –  Vinyl Siding, brick, metal, etc.

Windows – Frames, Sills, etc. 

Other Surfaces – Use the surface cleaner to clean your patio furniture, siding, decks, screens, and more!

Soft wash house cleaning is perfect for everyone. And with bigger areas, you can just add water to dilute & spray. Safe for kids and pets too! You can even postpone or cancel your traditional lawn service this year because soft wash house cleaning will leave your grass cleaner than a blade of freshly cut grass!

Before and After Soft Washing House Raleigh NC
Before and After Soft Washing House Raleigh NC
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