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How to Make your House Look Newer with Soft Wash

A common problem homeowners face is how to make their house look newer. There are many factors that go into this, but one of the most important aspects is the paint. Newer houses are often painted with flat finishes which make them appear less vibrant and lighter in color than older homes. The colors on these new surfaces also tend to be muted because they’re created for longevity rather than beauty. If you want your house to have a more vibrant appearance, then soft wash may be an option for you!

Soft washing is a type of power washing technique that uses special soap to give your home a more vibrant appearance. It’s also safer around children and pets because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like other types of power washing techniques do. It can make your house look newer while simultaneously protecting the exterior of the home from any damage.

Power washing is a very common technique that’s used to clean surfaces both inside and outside of homes. Power washers are typically rented at stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, but they’re not always convenient because you must go out of your way to use them. When you soft wash a home, however, you don’t have to worry about those inconveniences. There are some companies that will provide free estimates for this service as well as completely remove any existing paint from the surface if it’s chipped or peeling. In some cases, they can even remove graffiti or other unsightly stains without damaging the surface of your house.

Before and After soft washing
Before and After Soft Washing

A lot of people think of washing their house as a chore because it involves lugging a large power washer around and hauling out hoses and extension cords. With soft washing services though, you won’t have to do any of that because the company will bring all necessary equipment to your location, so you don’t have to lift a finger. They’ll pressure wash the exterior of your home, scrubbing away dirt, grime, and mildew that may have built up over time.

Depending on what kind of paint your house had initially put on it, you may want to have some type of color tinting done to give it a matte, low sheen finish. That way, even when it rains or snows hard enough to make surfaces become wet and slick, the surface won’t be as slippery or hazardous. Many people prefer this because they don’t want their homes to look too shiny in addition to wanting the increased protection from the elements that come with matte finishes. Another benefit is that these lower sheens scuff less easily so graffiti can also be removed without damaging the paint underneath.

Soft Washing Roof Shingles
Soft Washing Roof Shingles

If you want a more vibrant appearance for your house without having to put in a lot of work, then soft wash may be an excellent choice for you! You can get free estimates on this service from some companies and have any previous paint removed from the surface if it’s damaged from age or weather conditions. As long as you provide access to all parts of the exterior that need cleaning then they’ll take care of the rest, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting or lugging around equipment yourself. This is great for both convenience and safety factors.

Soft washing can make your house look newer and more alive. With a special soap that gives the paint a matte, low sheen finish that won’t be as slippery or hazardous on wet surfaces, you’ll have color tinting put into the paint for a beautiful appearance. It’s also safer to use around children and pets because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like other types of power washing techniques do. If this sounds appealing to you, contact us today! We’ll help you find out if soft wash is right for your home with our free consultation service.

House After Soft Wash
House After Soft Wash

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