Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing

Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing: Which is Right for Your Home?

When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home, there are two main methods that you can use: soft washing and pressure washing. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so which one is right for you? Soft washing vs pressure washing, here is a look at the difference.

Soft Washing Roof Shingles
Soft Washing Roof Shingles

Soft Washing

As the name suggests, soft washing uses water that is less intense. This makes it perfect for cleaning mildew and dirt off exterior walls without damaging them or stripping away any paint. It can also be used to clean sidewalks and patios with little worry of damage to surfaces.

The process behind soft washing involves using a wand that sprays a low-pressure stream of water. This is usually done from a ladder or other elevated area to avoid dragging debris across surfaces as it cleans. The wand can be adjusted so that the spray is very narrow and focused, allowing cleaners to reach those hard-to-reach areas.

However, because there isn’t much power behind this spray, it can take a long time to do the job. The wand requires a lot of hand-held work and usually has a small tank for holding water. This makes soft washing perfect for those who have a hard time getting up and down from ladders or just don’t have much free time to spare on cleaning their home’s exterior.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is exactly what it sounds like. Water is blasted at the exterior of your home with enough force to blast away mildew, dirt and other debris. Although this method can damage some surfaces, such as wood siding that may be worn or thin, it’s perfect for removing tough build-up like mold and grime.

Pressure washing usually involves a machine that connects to your hose and includes a wand with a handle and trigger. This allows the user to stand on solid ground as they blast away debris from their home’s exterior. In fact, this method is so effective that it can even remove paint if used incorrectly or with too much power.

Although pressure washing is most often used on the exterior of homes and buildings, it can also be used to clean out gutters and dirty water tanks. This method requires less fatigue than soft washing and can get a home sparkling clean in no time.


Pressure Washing Siding
Before and After Pressure Washing Siding

Which Method is Right for You?

If you’re not sure which method will work best for you, consider the following:

  • Do you have a hard time getting up and down from ladders? Soft washing is perfect for you.
  • Does your home’s exterior include delicate surfaces that may be damaged by too much pressure? Pressure washing is the right choice for you.
  • Is there a lot of build-up that needs to be removed? Pressure washing is the way to go.
  • Is mildew and dirt your main concern? Soft washing can get it gone in no time.

When it comes to cost, soft washing is the cheaper option. Although pressure washing machines can be purchased for relatively cheap, the cost of using them goes up quickly when you factor in supplies like soap and water. In contrast, soft washing simply requires a ladder, water and a wand-style nozzle.

Even when you factor in the cost of hiring a professional to do the job, pressure washing is usually more expensive. This is because professionals have access to high-pressure machines that can quickly remove built-up dirt and grime.

Ultimately, the choice between soft washing and pressure washing is up to you. If you have experience in pressure washing and want to take on the project yourself, then it’s the way to go. However, if you don’t have time or energy to get a professional machine for this type of work, soft washing is the smarter option.

There are many options when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home. If you’re looking for a quick, effective solution, then soft washing is the way to go. However, if you want that perfect, sparkling clean look or are dealing with stubborn dirt and mildew that won’t budge no matter how much you scrub, pressure washing might be the right choice for you.

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