First Class Clean Terms and Definitions


advanced window cleaning
aerosol window cleaner
affordable window cleaning
alcohol window cleaner
ammonia free window cleaner
ammonia window cleaner
ammonia window cleaner recipe
armor all window cleaner
as seen on tv window cleaner
automated window cleaner
automatic window cleaner
automatic window washer
average cost of window cleaning


best car window cleaner
best cloth for cleaning windows
best diy window cleaner
best exterior window cleaner
best glass cleaner for house windows
best glass cleaner for tinted windows
best glass cleaner for windows
best homemade car window cleaner
best homemade outdoor window cleaning solution
best homemade window cleaner
best homemade window cleaning solution
best homemade window washing solution
best hose spray window cleaner
best household window cleaner
best natural window cleaner
best natural window cleaning solution
best no scrub window cleaner
best outdoor window cleaner
best outdoor window cleaner that attaches to hose
best outside window cleaner
best paper towels for cleaning windows
best rags for cleaning windows
best solution for cleaning outside windows
best time to get windows cleaned
best time to wash windows
best tinted window cleaner
best way to wash outside windows
best way to wash windows
best way to wash windows without streaks
best window cleaner
best window cleaner for exterior windows
best window cleaner for outside windows
best window cleaner for tinted windows
best window cleaner no streaks
best window cleaner product
best window cleaner spray
best window cleaner tool
best window cleaners in my area
best window cleaners near me
best window cleaning kit
best window cleaning robot
best window cleaning solution
best window cleaning squeegee
best window cleaning tools
best window cleaning towels
best window washer
best window washer near me
best window washer tools
best window washing solution
best window washing system


can you power wash windows
can you pressure wash windows
can you use glass cleaner on car windows
car window cleaner
car window cleaning solution
car window cleaning tool
cheap window cleaners near me
cinch window cleaner
cleaning 3m window film
cleaning aluminum window frames
cleaning andersen windows
cleaning double hung windows
cleaning double pane windows
cleaning extremely dirty windows
cleaning granite window sills
cleaning high windows
cleaning inside car windows
cleaning inside windows
cleaning interior car windows
cleaning mold from windows
cleaning mold off window sills
cleaning pella windows
cleaning second story windows
cleaning solution for outdoor windows
cleaning storm windows
cleaning tinted windows
cleaning very dirty windows
cleaning vinyl window frames
cleaning vinyl windows with woolite
cleaning window ac unit
cleaning window screens
cleaning window sills
cleaning window tracks
cleaning windows with dawn
cleaning windows with newspaper
cleaning windows with vinegar and dawn
cleaning windows with white vinegar
clearview window cleaning
commercial window cleaner salary
commercial window cleaning
commercial window cleaning equipment
commercial window cleaning near me
commercial window cleaning prices
commercial window cleaning services
commercial window cleaning services near me
commercial window cleaning supplies
commercial window washing
commercial window washing near me
confessions of a window cleaner
crystal clear window cleaning


deionized water window cleaning
diy outdoor window cleaner
diy streak free window cleaner
diy window cleaner
diy window washing solution
do window cleaners clean gutters
do window cleaners clean inside the windows
do window cleaners do inside and out
do window cleaners dry windows
do window cleaners get tipped
do you tip window cleaners
domestic water fed pole window cleaning equipment
double sided window cleaner
drone window cleaning


earth friendly window cleaner
easy window cleaning
easy window washing
ettore window cleaning
ettore window cleaning tools
expert window cleaning
extendable window cleaner
exterior window cleaning
exterior window cleaning solution
exterior window wash solution
exterior window washing
exterior window washing solution


foam window cleaner
fuller brush window cleaner
fuller window cleaner


glass cleaner for tinted windows
glass cleaner for windows
good window cleaner
green window cleaning
green window cleaning services


harness for window cleaning
high rise window cleaner salary
high rise window cleaning
high rise window cleaning equipment
high rise window cleaning jobs
high rise window cleaning jobs near me
high rise window cleaning platform
high rise window washer
high rise window washer salary
high window cleaning tools
hire window cleaner
home depot window cleaner
home depot window washing
home window cleaners near me
home window cleaning
home window cleaning service
home window washing
homemade outdoor window cleaner
homemade outdoor window cleaner that attaches to hose
homemade streak free window cleaner
homemade window cleaner
homemade window cleaner recipe
homemade window cleaner with ammonia
homemade window cleaner with dawn
homemade window cleaner with jet dry
homemade window cleaner with vinegar
homemade window cleaning solution
homemade window wash
homemade window washing solution
hose spray window cleaner
hose window cleaner
house window cleaners near me
house window cleaning
house window cleaning kit
house window washing
house window washing near me
how cold is too cold to wash windows
how much are window cleaners paid
how much do high rise window cleaners make
how much do skyscraper window cleaners get paid
how much do skyscraper window cleaners make
how much do window cleaners charge per window
how much do window cleaners for skyscrapers make
how much do window cleaners get paid
how much do window cleaners make
how much do window cleaning companies make
how much do you tip window cleaners
how much does it cost to get outside windows cleaned
how much does window cleaning cost
how much to charge for window cleaning
how much to charge for window cleaning residential
how much window cleaners get paid
how to clean outside windows with pressure washer
how to count windows for cleaning
how to make window cleaner
how to make window cleaner with vinegar
how to open jeld wen windows for cleaning
how to pressure wash house windows
how to prevent streaks when cleaning windows
how to price window cleaning jobs
how to start a window cleaning business
how to wash andersen casement windows
how to wash exterior windows
how to wash outdoor windows
how to wash outside windows
how to wash outside windows in cold weather
how to wash window screens
how to wash windows
how to wash windows like a pro
how to wash windows with a squeegee
how to wash windows with vinegar
how to wash windows without streaks


independent window cleaners near me
industrial window cleaner
industrial window cleaning equipment
interior window cleaning
invisible window cleaner
is vinegar good for cleaning windows
is window cleaner an acid or base




krud kutter window wash 32 oz


leaderless window cleaning system
large window cleaning tools
local window cleaners


magic window cleaning brush
magic window cleaning cloth
magnetic window cleaner
magnetic window washer
make own window cleaner
make your own window cleaner
make your own window cleaning solution
microfiber car window cleaner
microfiber window cleaner
microfiber window cleaning cloth


natural window cleaner
no touch window cleaner
no wipe outdoor window cleaner
no wipe window cleaner
norwex window cleaning
norwex window cleaning cloth


office window cleaning
outdoor window cleaner
outdoor window cleaner diy
outdoor window cleaner spray
outdoor window cleaner that attaches to hose
outdoor window cleaning solution
outdoor window washing solution
outside window cleaner
outside window cleaners near me
outside window cleaning solution
outside window glass cleaner
outside window washing solution


perfect window cleaning
ph of window cleaner
plastic window cleaner
pole window cleaners near me
power wash windows
power washer window cleaner
power washer window cleaner
power washer window cleaner soap
power washing and window cleaning
power washing and window cleaning
pressure wash windows
pressure washer window cleaner
pressure washer window cleaner
pressure washer window cleaning kit
pressure washer window cleaning solution
pro window cleaning
professional commercial window cleaning
professional window cleaning
professional window cleaning cost
professional window cleaning equipment
professional window cleaning extension pole
professional window cleaning kit
professional window cleaning near me
professional window cleaning services
professional window cleaning solution
professional window cleaning supplies
professional window cleaning techniques
professional window cleaning tools
professional window cleaning towels
professional window cleaning videos
professional window washer solution
professional window washing
professional window washing equipment
professional window washing solution
professional window washing tools
pure water window cleaning system




rain x window cleaner
recommended window cleaners near me
rejuvenate window cleaner
residential window cleaning
residential window cleaning near me
residential window cleaning prices
residential window cleaning services
residential window cleaning services near me
residential window washing


self cleaning glass windows
self cleaning windows
shine window cleaning
should i tip window cleaners
skyscraper window cleaner
skyscraper window cleaner salary
skyscraper window washer
skyscraper window washer jobs
skyscraper window washer salary
skyscraper window washer salary 2020
sparkle window cleaning
spider man window washer
spiderman window washer
spotless window cleaning
sprayway window cleaner
squeegee window cleaning app
start window cleaning
starting a window cleaning business
streak free window cleaner
streakless window cleaning


telescopic window cleaner
telescopic window cleaning pole
telescoping window cleaner
the best window cleaner
the grommet window cleaner
tint safe window cleaner
top rated window cleaners near me
top window cleaners


unger window cleaning
unger window cleaning kit
unger window cleaning tools


vinegar dawn window cleaner
vinegar solution for cleaning windows
vinegar to water ratio for cleaning windows
vinegar water window cleaner
vinegar window cleaner recipe
vinyl window cleaner


wash windows with hose
washing outdoor windows
washing outside windows
washing outside windows with dawn
washing windows in the winter
washing windows with dawn
washing windows with newspaper
washing windows with squeegee
washing windows with vinegar
washing windows without streaks
water fed window cleaning pole
wcr window cleaning
what cleans upvc windows and doors
what do professional window cleaners use
what do professional window cleaners use in their water
what do professional window cleaners use to clean windows
what do window cleaners use in the water
what do window cleaners use in their water
what do you need to start a window cleaning business
what is the best glass cleaner for tinted windows
what is the best homemade window cleaner
what is the best homemade window cleaning solution
what is the best solution for cleaning windows
what is the best window cleaner
what is the best window cleaner for cars
what solution do professional window cleaners use
what to use to wash windows
what to wash windows with
what’s the best way to wash windows
what’s the best window cleaner
when im cleaning windows
white vinegar window cleaner recipe
windex hose window cleaner
windex outdoor window cleaner
windex window cleaner
windex window washer
window and gutter cleaning
window and gutter cleaning near me
window and screen cleaning
window and screen cleaning near me
window cleaner concentrate
window cleaner for tinted windows
window cleaner formulation
window cleaner hose attachment
window cleaner near me prices
window cleaner recipe
window cleaner refill
window cleaner salary
window cleaner solution with jet dry
window cleaner spray
window cleaner stick
window cleaner using dawn and jet dry
window cleaner vinegar and dawn
window cleaner with dawn soap
window cleaner without ammonia
window cleaners in my area
window cleaners ladders and the law
window cleaners near me
window cleaning
window cleaning and gutter cleaning
window cleaning and power washing services
window cleaning and power washing services
window cleaning belt
window cleaning brush
window cleaning bucket
window cleaning business
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window cleaning cloths
window cleaning coach
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window cleaning jobs near me
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window cleaning prices
window cleaning prices near me
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window cleaning resource forum
window cleaning robot
window cleaning services
window cleaning services near me
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window cleaning solution diy
window cleaning solution recipe for squeegee
window cleaning solution with dawn
window cleaning squeegee
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window cleaning supplies near me
window cleaning system
window cleaning tips
window cleaning tools
window cleaning tools for hard to reach windows
window cleaning tools for high windows
window cleaning towels
window cleaning truck
window cleaning wand
window cleaning wipes
window cleaning with dawn and vinegar
window frame cleaner
window glass cleaner
window glass cleaning kit
window groove cleaning brush
window pane cleaner
window rags glass cleaning cloths
window screen cleaner spray
window screen cleaning brush
window screen cleaning hack
window seal cleaner
window sill cleaning brush
window sill cleaning hack
window sill cleaning hacks
window steam cleaner
window track cleaning brush
window track cleaning tool
window vacuum cleaner
window vacuum cleaner reviews
window wash spray
window washer salary
window washer scaffold
window washer solvent
window washing
window washing brush
window washing bucket
window washing business
window washing companies
window washing companies near me
window washing cost
window washing crane
window washing davits
window washing drone
window washing equipment
window washing equipment for high windows
window washing extension pole
window washing formula
window washing hose attachment
window washing jobs
window washing kit
window washing machine
window washing platform
window washing pole
window washing prices
window washing recipe
window washing robot
window washing services
window washing services near me
window washing soap
window washing solution
window washing solution recipe
window washing solution vinegar
window washing solution with jet dry
window washing squeegee
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window washing system
window washing tools
window washing tools for high windows
window washing tools home depot
window well cleaning
window wonder cleaner




your local window cleaner


zep vinyl window cleaner
zep window cleaner

Our Awesome Customer Reviews

They do a great job, and they don’t mess anything up while they are here.I’ve used them twice and have been very pleased both times.
NC Pointer
NC Pointer
17:31 30 Jul 20
Easy to work with and do a great job. Truly care about their customers.
Jacob W
Jacob W
22:34 14 Mar 20
Very careful addressing my concerns about new awnings and screen porch. A great job.
Lucinda Thrall
Lucinda Thrall
20:37 25 Jan 20
Chad kept in communication when we had to reschedule because of wind. The house looks great!
Reid Kinlaw
Reid Kinlaw
16:41 04 Jan 20
Stephen Shaban
Stephen Shaban
00:36 22 Nov 19
The person doing the powerwashing was nice, professional, and courteous.The house was cleaned nicely. The north side was beginning to show heavy buildup of Green algae. Afterwards, there was no build-up of algae at all, and everything was clean.They used a light chlorine solution in the water that they used to clean with. Before washing the side of the house that had plants, they watered the plants with just water, did the power washing and then watered them after to wash all of the solution away.I was pleased with them and will recommend them to anyone.
Ro Salter
Ro Salter
23:59 19 Nov 19
Chad first took our call and was very responsive and helpful as we scheduled and prepped. Sherlock arrived fully briefed about our house, did a terrific job of responding to a few remaining questions, and went the extra mile to take care of some challenging spots. When he finished the job our home absolutely sparkled. We will be repeat customers!
Catherine Maxwell
Catherine Maxwell
19:10 18 Oct 19
Excellent job, house looks great
Paul Steen
Paul Steen
14:25 08 Oct 19
Ralph James
Ralph James
21:38 07 Oct 19
sylvia fabian-bayola
sylvia fabian-bayola
00:06 02 Oct 19
GREAT service from First Class Clean! I needed our house pressure washed. First Class answered my call quickly and sent a technician promptly. Their rates were competitive and the tech did an outstanding job. He was courteous and efficient and answered all my questions. Really great people; would definitely work with them again.
Michael Eason
Michael Eason
21:09 04 Sep 19
My technician Sherlock was friendly and professional. The house looks amazing. Thanks so much for great service and for helping us take care of our home.
Michelle Willix
Michelle Willix
16:53 30 Aug 19
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson
16:00 23 Aug 19
Excellent service, very professional.
Laurie White
Laurie White
14:37 11 Aug 19
Beautiful job!!! I had done it 4 years ago, so a lot of dirt and grime since then. The concrete surfaces were so bright I needed sun glasses!!! I would recommend this company to anyone looking for affordable power washing and exceptional service!!!
Carol Farnham
Carol Farnham
18:23 18 Jul 19
Great customer service, very responsive both prior to the work being done and after the work was done. The house looks great and the driveway looks brand new. Very highly recommend.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
17:10 27 Jun 19
I’ve never used a home exterior pressure washing service before. Sherlock the technician that pressure washed my house was very professional and efficient. He did an excellent job for exceeding all of my expectations. I would highly recommend their services to anyone without any hesitations and will use them again in the future.
Steve Ferrer
Steve Ferrer
18:41 11 Jun 19
Second time requesting home power washing services from First Class Clean; home looks like new; very reasonably priced; they treat your property like it was their home and do little extra things that make the home look even nicer; definitely a FIRST CLASS act.
Ronald Alford
Ronald Alford
21:50 20 May 19
Chad did an awesome job and was very friendly. Highly recommend this company, thank you
Stephanie Traynor
Stephanie Traynor
22:38 17 May 19
These guys are great! Did a superb job of cleaning our driveway, on time, and everything they stated they’d do was done and more! Highly recommend their services.
Debby Tharp
Debby Tharp
20:51 11 May 19
Lisa Goodman
Lisa Goodman
23:42 01 May 19
Very pleased with the results. They were very meticulous and got out some tough spots that others have just glossed over.
Nathan Irby
Nathan Irby
11:07 26 Apr 19
Always professional and do a great job!Thanks
Tim Hinson
Tim Hinson
00:21 21 Apr 19
They were very professional and did a great job power washing the driveway and house.
Patisha Manneh
Patisha Manneh
12:51 19 Apr 19
Had an awesome experience with this company!I had a pretty large size project, and they did a beautiful job! Highly recommend, and I will be using them again!
Snezhana Johnson
Snezhana Johnson
14:34 15 Apr 19
Prompt response after I requested information on their website. Polite, courteous staff. Follow-up emails/texts with appointment reminders and instructions. I did not have to be home for the service. My house was clean when I arrived after work and I was emailed a bill. I paid the bill online – easy peasy!
Aisha C
Aisha C
16:26 11 Apr 19
My wife and I live in a 4 level home on a Golf Course in Raleigh. Our house had not been power washed in several years and needless to say it looked pathetic. Jason of First Class Clean arrived at our house on time and began the task of cleaning the house. I was so pleased that First Class Clean’s equipment was able to reach all four levels at the rear of our house. Once completed, our house was sparling clean as though it was just painted. Folks, believe me when I say you will not find a better company who can thoroughly clean your house at a reasonable price than First Class Clean.
Robert Langham
Robert Langham
18:19 30 Mar 19
WOW! Our house looks so much better! I was quite overdue in powerwashing the house and the mold and mildew really looked unsightly on our yellow paint. I really appreciate the professional team at First Class and that one of the owner’s actually cleaned my house. Well organized, professional, courteous and reasonably priced for a quality job. Thank you.
Lorrie Walter
Lorrie Walter
19:54 29 Mar 19
I’m very pleased with my entire experience with First Class Clean. They did an excellent job…on time, looks great and fair price! I’ll definitely be calling them again!
Carolyn Podger
Carolyn Podger
00:05 29 Mar 19
Such an awesome job!!! Thank you so much!!!
Winkie Patterson
Winkie Patterson
00:00 28 Mar 19
These guys at First Class Clean are top notch. They came need fast and in a hurry. The service was done with professionalism and class. I will be calling First Class Clean for my next job. You guys are Great Thank you!!
Scott Wall
Scott Wall
15:36 21 Mar 19
John Browning
John Browning
17:36 14 Feb 19
Exceeded my expectations. Hire this company, they go above and beyond!
Kelli Meyer
Kelli Meyer
14:31 24 Jan 19
Cindy Larsen
Cindy Larsen
02:55 16 Dec 18
Sandra Marshburn
Sandra Marshburn
05:03 14 Dec 18
They did a great job on our house! Our house, sidewalk, driveway, and mailbox look brand new! Couldn’t ask for a better job!
Paula Green
Paula Green
05:19 10 Dec 18
Great communication when they had to reschedule. Service was as expected and they were careful when moving things around and taping up the doors to prevent water penetration. The house looks great!
Vinny Voci
Vinny Voci
00:27 09 Dec 18
Excellent job!
Bad Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising
17:14 04 Dec 18
Chad and his team always do a great and professional job of cleaning my many windows inside and outside. I am very happy with their service and have been using them for years.
Dianne Fodell
Dianne Fodell
19:53 03 Dec 18
Chad and the team do an incredible job!! We have used them several times – they show up on time, take care prepping the area, and deliver a high quality product. We will continue to use them for power-washing and window cleaning in the future.
SD Carrier
SD Carrier
15:00 01 Dec 18
On time, thorough, and a great price. Thanks team!!
Kevin Chorley
Kevin Chorley
01:11 27 Nov 18
First Class Clean does a great job! We’ve used them for window cleaning and power washing. Chad and Jason are professional and particular. We have used them several times and will use them again and again!
Sandra Berry
Sandra Berry
22:31 26 Nov 18
First class clean did a very good job. I had 19 windows inside and out washed and my concrete patio cleaned and sealed. They were very responsive communicating through email and text. Chad was great he answered all my questions and was very prompt in responding. I would hire them again
Tami Reeves
Tami Reeves
16:07 21 Nov 18
First Class Clean did a great job power washing my house. There was quite a bit of green mold on the back of the house and the white trim was very dirty. All the green mold is gone and the trim is pearly white again. They also cleaned the siding on the window gables. Very pleased with the work and highly recommend First Class Clean!
Gij 74
Gij 74
14:18 08 Nov 18
Joe Koon
Joe Koon
19:54 06 Nov 18
We have used First Class Clean for the third time. This being the first at our new home. They have always provided superior service every time and the employees are professional and extremely customer oriented. We will be using them again in the near future
Steve Hollander
Steve Hollander
16:17 30 Oct 18
Charles Parks
Charles Parks
23:41 25 Oct 18
The team did an excellent job on power washing my house and cleaning my windows.
Herb Henderson
Herb Henderson
17:47 20 Oct 18
Great job,service and quality work. I will use them all summer for many projects. Thank you so much for a great job…
Gina M.
Gina M.
17:26 27 Mar 17
Our house was washed by First Class Clean. Since we have a security system with sensors that cannot get wet FCC came out in advance and diagrammed key…
Barney R.
Barney R.
14:54 10 Nov 16
Just moved into our house and Windows needed good cleaning, plus the driveway/sidewalk needed power washing. They were great in arriving on time for the…
Art M.
Art M.
13:20 06 Mar 16
For a Christmas present, my in-laws got us a window cleaning through First Class Clean. My in-laws had their house cleaned by FCC a few weeks earlier and…
Eddie H.
Eddie H.
12:56 02 Mar 15

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